Project Name: Laurentian University Single Student Residence

Location: Sudbury, Ontario

Year Completed: 2015

Owner: Laurentian University

Project Value: $7.3 million

Renovations consisted of sequential demolition of portions of the existing exterior loadbearing masonry wall assemblies, taking adequate precautions not to damage portions of the existing wall assemblies including temporary enclosures. Installation of an engineered structural shoring system was required to temporarily support the existing precast concrete floor and roof slabs. Protection of the existing interior ground floor finishes was also necessary. The construction of the new loadbearing exterior masonry wall assemblies included installation of new windows, EISF Cladding, and parapet roofing/ashings. Interior renovations included spray urethane insulation, gypsum board, metal stud furring, mechanical and electrical systems, interior painting, and reinstatement of the interior finishes. Thorough cleaning of the building interiors and reinstatement/restoration of exterior site finishes was also required.